fabienne jouvin



Graduate of the superior school of applied arts Duperré in 1985, I live and work between Paris and Provence.

From my travels - from Tokyo to The Habana, from the streets of Paris to the sea bed of The Maldives - I bring back sketchbooks, pads of notes, drawings and collages: hispanic or contemporan architectures, faces reminding those of Piero Della Francesca, enigmatic objects non identified...

These spontaneous sketchbooks give rise to unique pieces and editions
painting, textile, porcelain, cloisonné...

THE FASHION FOUNDATION of Tokyo and FREDERIC DE LUCA of the gallery EN ATTENDANT LES BARBARES in Paris were the first ones to exhibit my unique pieces from 1989.

Then I meet some editors and craftsmen with exceptional know-how as well in Limoges, Paris, Provence as in the borders of Mongolia. The opportunity to match the talents and the technical requirements, to share a common experience far from my workshop.

Since 1996 ASIATIDES offers me the opportunity to experiment specific techniques in Thaïland and in China : the porcelain - painted, engraved, "grain of rice"..., the engraved glass and mostly the cloisonné.

In 2008 I work with THE ARTS OF FASHION FOUNDATION of San Francisco to pass on some of my experience to some young designers of the whole world.

Since 2009, 1 month a year, I participate in the research of the COMITE FRANCECLAT in Paris, professional development commitee of watchmaking, jewellery, silverware and tableware.

In 2015 the gallery TEO LEO in Paris invites me to show my new unique pieces.


I like to play with anchronisms and correspondences, to match colors patches and precison of the observation, to mix austerity and humor, rigour and spontaneity.

unique pieces

Furnitures, carpets, textiles and porcelain for :

  • Gallery EN ATTENDANT LES BARBARES. Paris. Since 1991
  • Gallery FREDERIC DE LUCA. Paris. From 1997 to 2005
  • Gallery LA FORGE SUBTILE. Paris. Since 1997
  • BERGDORF GOODMAN. Painted vases. New York. 1997 and 1998
  • ELTON JOHN. 1998. And other collectors, «portraits et preferences». Since 1991
  • Shop of the DECORATIVE ARTS museum. Coffee sets. Paris. 1995
  • CHRISTIAN DIOR museum. Painted and embroidered chair and painted vases. Granville, France. 1994
  • FASHION FOUNDATION at the Espace HANAE MORII. Painted textiles. Tokyo. From 1989 to 1992.
  • CHRISTIE'S at the auction «CONTEMPORAN DESIGN, THE EYE OF A PARISIAN COLLECTOR». Painted table (designed by Frédéric de Luca) and painted vase «Jelly fish». Paris 2007
  • COMITE FRANCECLAT. Paris. Since 2009
  • STUDIO MHNA MARC HERTRICH - NICOLAS ADNET . Paris. Painted canvas for the lobby and the corridors of the HOTEL V. Cannes 2010
  • Gallery TEO LEO. Painted folding screen and trays «Skymap». Paris. 2015

drawings . illustrations

  • LA POSTE museum. Exhibition "The art makes a cardboard ". Paris.1995
  • MARIE CLAIRE MAISON. Wall of drawings and sketches "Birdhouse". Paris. 1995
  • The magazine of the champagne LA VEUVE CLIQUOT. "Bottles of artists - portrait". 1996
  • GALLIMARD editions. Collection "On the roads of the world. Travel writers" : Prague, Rajasthan and lstambul. Paris. 1997
  • COTE SUD magazine. Illustrations "The wise men, an epic adventure". 1998
  • FORUM DES HALLES. Kakemonos, posters and giant graphic Christmas tree "Portraits". Paris. Christmas 2005

decorative paintings

  • CLUB MED with GISELA TRIGANO. Walls paintings - bar, night club, corridors.. Maldives. 1995. Cuba. 1997
  • MIGUEL CANCIO MARTINS. Canvas for the restaurant THE OPIUM in London. 2001
  • SD CONCEPT for ACCOR. Design, team building of visual artists and paintings for the lobbies, corridors, restaurants, cafés, bedrooms... of 4 hotels Mercure in Germany 2001 and 2002
  • HOTEL THALASSO DE QUIBERON. Paintings and signage.2002 and 2005
  • For private orders. Paris. New York


  • CERAMIQUE INTERNATIONAL. Paris.1993. First collection of tableware "Portrait"
  • NOBILIS. Paris.1994. Printed textiles "Sienne" and "Calanques"
  • WMF. Ligne 21. Germany.1995. Collection of printed trays.
  • WATERMAN. 1995 and 1996. Collection of high-end pens and sales stands "Pompeï"
  • LES 7 PECHES CAPITAUX. Lyon. From 1993 to 1998. Lamps, vases, cutlery... Collection "Istambul", "L'apiculteur", "Passiflore"...
  • TEXOPRINT. Holland. From 1993 to 1998. Printed textiles "St Malo", "visit to the museum"...
  • HABITAT. England and France. 1996 and 1997. Packaging and windows
  • ASIATIDES. Paris. From 1996. Collections of porcelain, glass and cloisonné. Design and collection tracking with the workshops
  • VISTA ALEGRE. Portugal. 1999. Tableware collection "Portraits"
  • CASSEGRAIN. Paris. 2000. Stationery "Louvre" and greating cards of the year 2000.
  • SHANGHAÏTANG. Hong Kong. From 2003 to 2006. Fashion accessories and tableware collection
  • ETAMINE. Paris. 2004. Collection "Madame Butterfly". Textiles "Fans" and "Dragonflies"
  • RAYNAUD. Limoges. France. 2007. Collection of porcelain vases «Eden».


group exhibitions :

  • SALON OF THE INDEPENDENTS at the Grand Palais. Paris. 2 paintings. 1990
  • FASHION FOUNDATION OF TOKYO at the Espace HANAE MORII. Japan. 1989,1990 and 1991
    Exhibition and international contest of textile design.
  • Gallery EN ATTENDANT LES BARBARES. Paris. 1992
    "Incursions in the fantastic"
  • MUSEUM CHRISTIAN DIOR. Granville. France. 1994
    "Secret gardens of Christian Dior"
  • Gallery LA FORGE SUBTILE. Paris. 1998
    "Just always take me"
  • Gallery EN ATTENDANT LES BARBARES. Paris. 2000
    "Lamps of the year 2000". Painted textile
  • COMITE FRANCECLAT. Paris. 2017. " 20 years of prototypes". Tableware
  • DESIGN WEEK OF CHIANG MAÏ. 2019. " From travelbook to design". Travelbooks and cloisonnés

exhibitions :

  • Gallery EN ATTENDANT LES BARBARES. Paris 1997
    "From Syracuse to La Havane"
  • Gallery LA FORGE SUBTILE. Paris.1999
    "The travels stories are in the black box"
  • Gallery TEO LEO. Paris. 2015
    "Around a folding screen - Skymap"


  • 1st award MARC ROZIER. Scarves of Lyon. 1988
  • 1st award of the FASHION FOUNDATION OF TOKYO
    Textile design. Japan. 1989
  • 1st award IDEACOMO. Textile design. Milan. 1989